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Re: New dpkg upload - please test!

On Thu, Oct 14, 1999 at 06:14:15PM +1000, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> >   * Move dselect into its own package
> To what end? No offence is intended to any maintainers, but
> some of the splits lately seem a bit pointless to me.

Dselect isn't quite that small, and it isn't essential as dpkg is... anyhow,
looking at the actual .changes file for latest dpkg in Incoming, there
doesn't appear to be a dselect package. Wichert, what's up?

> After recent runs of 'apt-get dist-upgrade', I've been left without
> telnet, ftp and rlogin; these are so small it hardly seems worth the
> effort of separating them.

That should be fixed. Either by adding a Recommends: or any other more
intellingent way. Upgrades should be smooth, and not crippling.

enJoy -*/\*- don't even try to pronounce my first name

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