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New dpkg upload - please test!

I'm uploading dpkg right now, which is a major step in
dpkg development. Thanks to the help of a lot of people (most noticable
Ben Collins, who singlehandly tackled some nasty longstanding bugs) this
upload should fix all major outstanding bugs, and a bunch of smaller
ones as well.

Please give it a good testing and be gentle with reporting bugs!

For completeness, here is the changelog:

dpkg ( unstable; urgency=low

  * non-maintainer release.
  * Move dselect into its own package
  * Remove conffiles before directories when purging
  * Check if integrity from other packages will broken when processing
    an archive
  * dpkg-deb can handle package made with Linux ar.
  * Add check to update-alternatives to see if the sequencecode is between
    0 and 99
  * Fix failed assertion, which was actually two bugs: a logic error in
    checkforremoval and a wrong assumption in findbreakcycle
  * dselect doesn't die when you resize the terminal
  * check if a file is also in a new package before removing it when upgrading
  * offer to show a diff between the old and new conffile
  * dpkg-scanpackages: don't abort but only skip a package if we can't
    open it
  * Add HURD-support to  start-stop-daemon
  * Reinstate patch to not read available when doing --list-files
  * Add a couple of --force options to handle changed conffiles

 -- Wichert Akkerman <wakkerma@debian.org>  Thu, 14 Oct 1999 04:20:56 +0200


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