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Re: segfault in apache-1.3.9-8 and libapache-mod-perl 1.21-5

Michael Alan Dorman wrote:
> "Keith G. Murphy" <keithmur@mindspring.com> writes:
> > I have managed to create a binary deb with a mod-perl statically linked
> > into apache that works.
> How does this package interact with the other packages?  Are you still
> calling it libapache-mod-perl?
> Also, what additional build requirements are there?

OK, since I don't want to build a source deb, and I don't want to make a
binary available without source (license violation?), I recommend that
if folks want a statically linked mod_perl apache that they just do what
I did:

(1) Get the latest source debs of the apache and libapache_mod_perl
(2) Unpack them via dpkg-source -x.
(3) In the apache directory, get everything unpacked (use debian/rules
install, IIRC).
(4) Build the libapache_mod_perl package using debian/rules binary; make
sure you set DO_HTTPD.  If this is working right, you should get a perl
or mod_perl directory in 
'build-tree/apache_1.3.9/src/modules'.  By the way, my build of
libapache-mod-perl fails, but not before this step.
(5) Build the apache package using debian/rules binary.  It should
compile the mod_perl stuff and link it in statically.

Let me know if you have problems; maybe I can reconstruct what I did a
little better.  :-)

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