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Re: segfault in apache-1.3.9-8 and libapache-mod-perl 1.21-5

"Keith G. Murphy" <keithmur@mindspring.com> writes:
> I have managed to create a binary deb with a mod-perl statically linked
> into apache that works.

How does this package interact with the other packages?  Are you still
calling it libapache-mod-perl?

Also, what additional build requirements are there?

> Stas Bekman on the mod-perl list suggested I create a source deb and
> make it available, but I'm loath to mess with that if the problems will
> soon be addressed anyway, especially not being a Debian developer and
> not having done it before. 

The problem is endemic to apache-1.3.9 on Linux/Intel, from what I
gather from the mod_perl mailing list.

I asked on the mod_perl list if the DSO mod_perl was "deprecated"---in
other words, it might still work, but only as a legacy interface, no
one should use it for new installs, it's not being actively
maintained, etc.---and was told "No, it just breaks all the time". :-)

No one on the mod_perl list who has the background to really fix the
problem seems either concerned or working on it---which is not what
usually happens, so perhaps they are working on it, but it's proving
hard to track down and/or solve.  Perhaps this is because it's
restricted to apache-1.3.9 and those people are either still using
older versions of apache or newer, development versions.

Since I use mod_perl day-in-day-out, I would certainly approve of a
statically-linked mod_perl solution.  I need the reliability, and the
last few weeks suggest to me that the only possible way to produce a
reliable package is to link statically.

> Does anyone know about this problem and its status?

I know the mod_perl maintainer has been slow to respond to bug reports
in the past.  Have you tried to contact him directly?

I'd like to see a copy of the package, if you wouldn't mind.  Is there
somewhere from which I can download it?


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