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segfault in apache-1.3.9-8 and libapache-mod-perl 1.21-5

I'm running a Slink system (kernel 2.0.36) with a bunch of Potato
packages, and have run across a problem where apache segfaults when
loading any mod-perl so file.  The problem is consistent across
machines, and continues to occur when I compile apache and the mod-perl
module on my own.

The problem disappears when I statically link mod-perl into apache.  

(Others have noticed similar problems in recent RedHat RPMs).  I have
submitted a bug report about a week ago with no response yet.

I have managed to create a binary deb with a mod-perl statically linked
into apache that works.

Stas Bekman on the mod-perl list suggested I create a source deb and
make it available, but I'm loath to mess with that if the problems will
soon be addressed anyway, especially not being a Debian developer and
not having done it before. 

Does anyone know about this problem and its status?

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