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Re: X menus

"Tomasz Wêgrzanowski" <maniek@beer.com> writes:

> I think Apps/Net should be split into Apps/{Mail,WWW,Chat,...}
> cause Apps/Net is sometimes too big to fit the screen and
> it makes problems on icewm(no way to access last positions)
> (i did NOT report it) and possibly other xwms
> It would be also more readable then.

The problem is simply that people have installed different amounts of
packages in each category, so there is no perfect men u structure. I
have about 5 programs there, so it would be annoying of it was further 

Have a look at the "Hints" capability of menu. It is attempting to
solve this in a very elegant way. File wishlist bugs agains the
Apps/Net packages if they don't include appropriate.


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