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Re: corel linux demo

> > Wordperfect is the only app they have ported as a
> > Native linux binary, and after version 8, they
> > probably won't be doing a linux native binary version.
> >  So WP version 9 will be a win32 binary under Wine.
>   Are you sure?  Wine is not only a binary-compatibility system; it also aims
> for source-compatibility.  They might just be using the Windows version as the
> canonical source.

What Corel are working on is WineLib - which acts as the source-compatible
version of Windows. It will allow Corel to compile their Windows applications
on Linux with minimal #ifdef'ing, and produce a native Linux application. There
won't be wrapper scripts or any such things, it will come statically linked
to WineLib (which is allowed because the Wine License is similar to the BSD

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