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corel linux demo

I got a chance to see a demo of Corel's linux at the
Miami Comdex yesterday.  They have done a very good
job of putting this together and from the looks of
this Bill has good reason to fear loosing the desktop!

They didn't demo their installer, but were bragging
that it would install Linux in under 6 minutes on the
average PC.  They did a good job of intergrating
Linuxconf into debian, and their graphical front end
around apt looks great.  I hope this piece of code is
GPL'ed, and that debian will steal (borrow) from it.  

They have made some improvements to the KDE desktop,
some of which look rather gnomeish.

They plan to port their Wordperfect office suite to
Linux via wine, which implies that they are doing some
heavyweight work on Wine.  This probably means that MS
office will also end up on many linux desktops though!

They said that the beta of their linux distro will be
available for public download by the end of October. 
I  hope some shovelware cd makers will burn their beta
onto cdr and sell it for those of us without T1 lines.
 If they put it up as an ISO image I will try to grab
the file from the office on an overnight download.

Oh BTW they were also giving away copies of
Wordperfect  for linux, personal edition (CD only). 
Wordperfect is the only app they have ported as a
Native linux binary, and after version 8, they
probably won't be doing a linux native binary version.
 So WP version 9 will be a win32 binary under Wine.

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