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Re: corel linux demo

On Thu, Sep 30, 1999 at 05:29:29AM -0700, Kenneth Scharf was heard to say:
> They said that the beta of their linux distro will be
> available for public download by the end of October. 

  Hm.  Do you have any information about the following issues:

  -> How big is it?  The only spare partition I could try this out on is an
    old swap partition (currently used for Hurd, but I don't have time to
    fiddle with that at the moment..).  If corel is going to shovel tons of
    stuff (eg, X and KDE) onto my disk, I doubt I can even try it.
  -> How 'nice' is it?  If it's a <6 minute install, I doubt it really gives
    you options about what to do.  I don't need it clobbering my Windows
    installation -- or, worse, my current Linux installation!  More annoying
    would be if it decided that it was going to install LILO for me (I use
    GRUB to boot)

  I'd like to at least take a look at this and see what they fixed (I seem to
remember hearing that they eliminated the horrible flat organization we use for
packages and put in some sort of logical hierarchy) but I can't conjure up disk
space or risk my current installations..

> Oh BTW they were also giving away copies of
> Wordperfect  for linux, personal edition (CD only). 
> Wordperfect is the only app they have ported as a
> Native linux binary, and after version 8, they
> probably won't be doing a linux native binary version.
>  So WP version 9 will be a win32 binary under Wine.

  Are you sure?  Wine is not only a binary-compatibility system; it also aims
for source-compatibility.  They might just be using the Windows version as the
canonical source.


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