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Re: Packages should not Conflict on the basis of duplicate functionality

On Wed, Sep 29, 1999 at 11:45:13PM -0500, Francois Gurin wrote:
> And why can't there be an option to determine this?  You avoided that
> point.

no i didn't.  i answered it in another message.

to paraphrase:  i am against messing with the current default.  i am not
against (indeed, i am in favour of) increasing choice.

if it is possible to add that choice without screwing anything up and
without being a pain in the arse then i am all in favour of it.

> > if they don't need it then they shouldn't install the package.
> And if the package has a dependency? 
> There are many situations dealing with the package system that can
> lead to daemons installing without your knowledge.  mtools for potato
> includes floppyd, if someone upgrades a slink machine to potato, 
> should floppyd be automatically started?  

if mtools needs floppyd to run and the user has chosen to install mtools
then yes. the user want mtools to work, they don't want mtools to work
ONLY if they do some weird and obscure thing (even if it IS documented
in the debian changelog, it is still weird and obscure unless they
happen to be aware of the fact that this major change has occurred)
which they never needed to do in the past...

in other words, mtools used to just work, it should continue to just
work after an upgrade.

> not all packages start daemons automatically.  Some ask.  Wouldn't it 
> be keen if Joe Bloe knew what to expect?                              

those that ask, shouldn't. there are already way too many stupid
questions in postinst scripts.

if (via debconf or whatever) there is a way for users to voluntarily
specify that they want daemon packages to ask then that would be
fine...but it should take some deliberate action on the user's part
before they get these annoying questions.


craig sanders

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