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Re: Packages should not Conflict on the basis of duplicate functionality

> no, but it should be pretty obvious from the description. e.g. a pop
> server package is going to install a pop server. a web server package is
> going to install a web server. etc.  this should be self-evident.

True, but don't forget the case of an initial install - you pick some
profile, and get lots of stuff, with no hints.  (In this case, I like
they idea of a debconf global flag of "prompt me about daemon
enablement", which is kind of the *reverse* of what most people want
debconf for...)

If you doubt that this is an issue, consider ipmasq: it was part of
one of the standard install profiles, I don't even know which one --
but it badly confused one firewall and at least two laptop installs
that I know of personally, because it automatically enabled certain
safety rules that were wrong in the non-masq multiple-interface case.
The ipmasq maintainer has since made the rules for firing that much
more rational, we did work out some reasonable approach which I forget
at the moment - I just want to bring it up as a point of actual
experience with the initial install startup case...

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