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Re^2: strange behavior of dh_dhelp

Am 27.09.99 schrieb GalbraithP # dfo-mpo.gc.ca ...

Moin Peter!

PSG> I have a recent potato install and dhelp 0.3.14 and _don't_ have
PSG> http://localhost/fhs/ support.

I don#t have it, too :). Is this directory a Debian standard, Roland?

PSG> I could see http://localhost/doc/HTML/, but all new docs visible
PSG> as file:/usr/share/doc/HTML/index.html could not be seen under
PSG> the http://localhost interface to dhelp.  Is `fhs' supposed to be
PSG> a new Alias?

localhost/doc/ should point to /usr/share/doc. Please submit a bug report  
for your http daemon.

PSG> Am I doing anything wrong?

Nothing, but the maintainers of the packages.

PSG> [I also agree that it would be annoying to have two distint
PSG>  directories to point a browser at (if it worked at all for me).]
PSG> Marco, do you have upgrade plans for dhelp?

Off course I will support the latest policy. But it#s not possible to  
support *one* index for /usr/doc *and* /usr/share/doc. This is security  
feature of all http daemons.

cu, Marco

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