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Re: strange behavior of dh_dhelp

Roland Rosenfeld wrote:

> Marco Budde <mbudde@sms.antar.com> wrote:
> > P.S.: The latest dhelp 0.3.14 supports FHS *and* FSSTND :).
> I just installed it, but as far as I can see this doesn't integrate
> FHS and FSSTND in any way but creates two completely incompatible
> trees one next to the other.  Now I can read parts of the
> documentation as http://localhost/doc/ (which points to /usr/doc/) and
> others as http://localhost/fhs/ (which points to /usr/share/doc/).

I have a recent potato install and dhelp 0.3.14 and _don't_ have 
http://localhost/fhs/ support.

>                                                   My packages which
> follow the tech-ctte decision (using debhelper and dh_installdocs) are
> only visible in http://localhost/fhs/HTML/ but not in
> http://localhost/doc/HTML/.
> In the past we had two places where the user had to look for
> documentation on programs: http://localhost/doc/HTML/ and
> http://localhost/dwww/menu.html 
> Your new version of dhelp splits this to three places:
> http://localhost/doc/HTML/, http://localhost/fhs/HTML/ and
> http://localhost/dwww/menu.html and all three include different doc,

I could see http://localhost/doc/HTML/, but all new docs visible
as file:/usr/share/doc/HTML/index.html could not be seen under
the http://localhost interface to dhelp.  Is `fhs' supposed to be
a new Alias?

Am I doing anything wrong?

[I also agree that it would be annoying to have two distint
 directories to point a browser at (if it worked at all for me).]

Marco, do you have upgrade plans for dhelp?

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