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Re: Re^2: strange behavior of dh_dhelp

Marco Budde wrote:

> PSG> I have a recent potato install and dhelp 0.3.14 and _don't_ have
> PSG> http://localhost/fhs/ support.
> I don#t have it, too :). Is this directory a Debian standard, Roland?

It isn't.
> PSG> I could see http://localhost/doc/HTML/, but all new docs visible
> PSG> as file:/usr/share/doc/HTML/index.html could not be seen under
> PSG> the http://localhost interface to dhelp.  Is `fhs' supposed to be
> PSG> a new Alias?
> localhost/doc/ should point to /usr/share/doc. Please submit a bug report  
> for your http daemon.

That would be apache.

> PSG> [I also agree that it would be annoying to have two distint
> PSG>  directories to point a browser at (if it worked at all for me).]
> PSG> Marco, do you have upgrade plans for dhelp?
> Off course I will support the latest policy. But it#s not possible to  
> support *one* index for /usr/doc *and* /usr/share/doc. This is security  
> feature of all http daemons.

Yeah, I guess most of this issue will have to be resolved by
httpd maintainers.  The problem is many people will keep their
old conf files and the system will be broken wrt dhelp and dwww.


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