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Re: Re^2: strange behavior of dh_dhelp

* "Marco" == Marco Budde <mbudde@sms.antar.com> wrote:


please show a little common sense. You are beating a dead horse.

Marco> localhost/doc/ should point to /usr/share/doc. Please submit a
Marco> bug report for your http daemon.

The decision was made by the ctte, it is not yet implemented in the
policy document, but it will be soon.

There is no requirement for Potato, that all packages support the
latest policy. policy 2.4.x is still allowed. And these have the docs
in /usr/doc. With the decision on the /usr/doc -> /usr/share/doc
transition, every packages docs are accessable through

So the only sensible point is to read /usr/doc. 

What do you demand for the short time, until the revised policy is
released? All packages using the symlink have to remove him? Lintian
must not report a missing symlink? Debhelper has to cease installing
this link?

My god, Marco, show some reason.


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