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Re: strange behavior of dh_dhelp

On Mon, 27 Sep 1999, Peter S Galbraith wrote:

> > > P.S.: The latest dhelp 0.3.14 supports FHS *and* FSSTND :).

> > I just installed it, but as far as I can see this doesn't
> > integrate FHS and FSSTND in any way but creates two completely
> > incompatible trees one next to the other.  Now I can read parts of
> > the documentation as http://localhost/doc/ (which points to
> > /usr/doc/) and others as http://localhost/fhs/ (which points to
> > /usr/share/doc/).

> I have a recent potato install and dhelp 0.3.14 and _don't_ have 
> http://localhost/fhs/ support.

Simply add
Alias /fhs/ /usr/share/doc/
to /etc/apache/srm.conf and you will have it.  I added this line by
hand, too.  Yes, I know that this isn't an elegant solution, but it
seems to be the only way to access both directories.  There were some
rumors, that Apache would be able to handle both directories as
http://localhost/doc/ (use /usr/share/doc/<foo> and if the
file/directory isn't available fall back to /usr/doc/<foo>), but I
don't know enough about Apache to realize this myself and I didn't see 
an example how to do this, so it seems to be only a rumor but not
reality :-(

> Am I doing anything wrong?

That's what I also am asking myself when I see dhelp, but I fear, that 
dhelp is simply broken and that's the secret behind all these problems.

> [I also agree that it would be annoying to have two distint
>  directories to point a browser at (if it worked at all for me).]

That's why we should simply follow the tech-ctte and make all
documentation available as /usr/doc/<pkg> where /usr/doc/<pkg>
may be a symlink to /usr/share/doc/<pkg>.  But dhelp doesn't support
these symlinks at the moment, as far as I can see.



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