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Re: a question about BTS severities

Le Mon, Sep 27, 1999 at 09:33:39AM -0700, Joey Hess écrivait:
> What do other think, and have you seen seeing the same runaway bug severity
> inflation I have?

I do. I think that we should clarify that bug reporting is good but only
if people have time/knowledge to submit "good reports" aka :
- check if it has already been reported
- be able to find the name of the package that is probably causing the
- justify the severity of the bug
- be able to respond to developer's questions quickly (aka we shouldn't
  have to wait months before getting an answer)

I've closed 10 important bugs reports this morning because the gnome-core
source package has been installed before the new gnome-libs (because the
ftpmaster hgave to add a new package) and the same guy reported it ten
times (one for each binary package of the source package) ...

And I agree with you that the severity of bugs that occur only in special
situation don't need to be important.

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