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Re: strange behavior of dh_dhelp

Roland Rosenfeld wrote:

> On Mon, 27 Sep 1999, Peter S Galbraith wrote:
> > > > P.S.: The latest dhelp 0.3.14 supports FHS *and* FSSTND :).
> > > I just installed it, but as far as I can see this doesn't
> > > integrate FHS and FSSTND in any way but creates two completely
> > > incompatible trees one next to the other.  Now I can read parts of
> > > the documentation as http://localhost/doc/ (which points to
> > > /usr/doc/) and others as http://localhost/fhs/ (which points to
> > > /usr/share/doc/).
> > I have a recent potato install and dhelp 0.3.14 and _don't_ have 
> > http://localhost/fhs/ support.
> Simply add
> Alias /fhs/ /usr/share/doc/
> to /etc/apache/srm.conf and you will have it. 

Oh.  I thought you were getting http://localhost/fhs with
standard configuration of new packages.  I'm not interested in a
solution like this for myself, I'm interested in our users using
our packages as they used to.

>                                                       There were some
> rumors, that Apache would be able to handle both directories as
> http://localhost/doc/ (use /usr/share/doc/<foo> and if the
> file/directory isn't available fall back to /usr/doc/<foo>), but I
> don't know enough about Apache to realize this myself and I didn't see 
> an example how to do this, so it seems to be only a rumor but not
> reality :-(

Have you tried the mod_rewrite solution posted late in July?


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