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Re: Hosed system during package build

On 17-Sep-99, 04:35 (CDT), "J.H.M. Dassen (Ray)" <jdassen@wi.LeidenUniv.nl> wrote: 
> On Thu, Sep 16, 1999 at 20:26:15 -0500, Steve Greenland wrote:
> > I saw much talk about fakeroot not working with the new glibc, much talk
> > about it being difficult to fix, and no talk about it being fixed.
> Actually, AFAIK most of this talk was about /libtricks/ which was a new
> approach to doing what fakeroot does (it provided a "fakeroot" binary as
> well); that approach did turn out not to be usable for glibc2.1. The current
> fakeroot in potato is based on the old approach, and works fine.

Aaah. Understanding is.


Steve Greenland <vmole@swbell.net>
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