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[Q] May I take over the mmm package?


I found the mmm package for Debian is quite obsolete and not usable
anymore(it depends on several old packages like libc5).
I guess that's because you could not re-build it with the newer 
version of Objective Caml.
I contacted one of the original authors(Jun P. Furuse) and he was kind 
enough to release 0.80beta, which can be compiled with Objective Caml 2.02.
But he said they had lost interest in this project, so further improvement 
should not be expected.  Anyway, MMM is still one of the few 
open-sourced(I don't understand why the INRIA license is non-free) 
Web browsers which can handle Japanese characters correctly, so I hope 
it remains a part of Debian.

Now I'd like to ask you a question; are you still interested in 
maintaining the mmm(and ocamltk) package?  If not, would you hand it over 
to me? You seem not to get in touch with the upstream(if not, sorry).
Thanks to Joey and other guys, Debian-QA seems to revive, so 
if you leave mmm alone, it might be the first one to be slaughterd ;-)

Unfortunately I'm not an official maintainer at present though
I've already sent my application to new-maintainers (but they does not 
respond at all...).  So if you are willing to continue your duty, 
that's great.

For the present, I'll send a bug report to BTS.

BTW, I don't read debian-devel anymore(my mailbox has been flooded...).
I would appreciate if you send me a reply directly.


Masayuki Hatta
The University of Tokyo
mhatta@debian.or.jp / mhatta@gnu.org
g920202@mail.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp / masayuki-h@geocities.co.jp

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