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Last Chance to Save: bplay

Now I can't even get it to work on my computer, which is pretty bad
when I'm the maintainer.

Buffered audio playing and reading could be a good idea, but I don't
need it and can use wavtools instead. I think trying to fix this
package is to much work for to little gain. It has 3 merged release
critical bugs and some normal bugs. 

There has never been a working glibc-2.1 version. And if nobody
screams "I need it, and I have a working version" I will begin to
remove it from potato next week.

Please take a look at wavtool or any other sound player before

I congratulate you. Happy goldfish bowl to you, to me, to everyone,
and may each of you fry in hell forever. 
                                    -- Isaac Asimov, "The Dead Past"

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