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Re: Deficiencies in Debian

Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> >    It's not clear if/who is working on boot-floppies and into which
> >    direction we're going.  Obviously there is nobody working on it
> >    speaking of a general direction, and nobody's about fixing all
> >    those darn bugs.  Even worse the current boot-floppies are not even
> >    compilable or will work on potato if they would be.
> This might be unfair, I'm told people are working on it, but I don't
> monitor their work.

Well, if so, then only slowly.  Joey's work on slink floppies doesn't
help as long he's not working on the potato branch.  Except for that
only porters are working on boot-floppies.  When I tried to work on
it 2-3 months ago, I wasn't even able to compile it.  Lead is missing,
Enrique switched to pointerize, then went into the void.

> >  . Stable subreleases
> > 
> >    It seems that only very few people care about our stable release.
> >    Out of the security team only one person spent brain on it, the
> >    ftpmasters only worked on unstable, the new Stable Release Manager
> One of the huge complaints I hear about Debian is that it is outdated. 
> With all the new fangled rapildly changing huge package sets [Gnome, X11,
> KDE, etc, etc] and our continuing bad luck with decent reverse
> compatibility there is a real problem with our stable releases being
> useless to a segment of the userbase

This could be compensated by a semi-official update branch.  Using
our powerful tools like apt and dpkg-ftp this is easy to integrate
if people want to.

> >    We have ben acknowledged that we need to reduce pre/postinst
> >    interactions and some proposals have been made that are known as
> >    "Configuration Management".  pre/postinst questions will interact
> >    with a database that is able to contain preconfiguration so cluster
> >    installations are easier.
> There are rumored to be people working on this too..

Oh well, yes... Joey has written dconfig, but that's it.  Or am I
mistaken?  Where are we going with that?  Does it meet Iwj's proposal
from 1.5 years ago?  If not, what is not addressed?  Is it usable?
Shall we switch to it?  What needs to be done to switch to it?  Lots
of unanswered questions.

> > I believe that this "strategy" will lead Debian into death if we
> > continue as before.  Therefore things have to change.  Since I'm not a
> > manager either I can't come up proper ideas all the time, and since my
> > time is limited I cannot force people to do the right thing.
> > Processing mail already takes much more time than working on software.
> Someone needs to stand up and take responsibility for this whole thing and
> just dictate what we are going to do [by vote, by fiat, whatever].




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