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Re: Strategy: DNS server in main for potato?

Richard Stallman <rms@gnu.org> writes:

>      >2. Use the last DFSG-free BIND (8.1.2?).  We'll need some strategy for
>      >   it to coexist with current BIND releases, though.  And it is
>      >   unlikely to be maintained upstream.
>     In the past I considered taking this road.
> Sorry, I do not know anything about this situation.  Could someone
> please give me a concise summary of the situation, of what has
> happened, and the various options?  Then I could have an opinion.

>     But since the ISC does not care about BIND being free I think we
>     should relegate it to non-us/non-free and support DENTS instead.
> I have heard of BIND, at least enough to know vaguely what it does,
> but I am not familiar with DENTS.

BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) server is the thing that gives
you answers to DNS name lookups.  It's mostly covered by the BSD
license.  With the introduction of DNSSEC (secure DNS) it needs
encryption, and is using RSA, which makes the latest BIND patent
encumbered in the US.  It is rumoured that future versions may be
covered by a license that is less free than BSD.

Having said that, this thread has been picked up by one of the
upstream authors, and the possibility of a compile time option to
leave RSA out looks like it might be forthcoming, so perhaps this is
mostly just a misunderstanding.

DENTS is an effort to produce a GPLed drop in replacement for BIND,
which is in beta AFAIK. Check out:  http://www.dents.org/ANNOUNCEMENT-0.0.3

Cheers, Phil.

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