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Strategy: DNS server in main for potato?

Since new versions of bind are going to be non-free, we need a
strategy to include a DFSG-free DNS server in potato.  The options, as
I see them, are:

1. Use DENTS (http://www.dents.org/); however, it may not make the
   November freeze date.  And it's not BIND (which everyone who
   is/should be setting up a DNS server "knows".)

2. Use the last DFSG-free BIND (8.1.2?).  We'll need some strategy for
   it to coexist with current BIND releases, though.  And it is
   unlikely to be maintained upstream.

3. Somehow separate the DNSSEC code from new BIND releases.  I suspect
   this will be very hard.

I do think a DNS server is an essential part of any serious
distribution (particularly Debian, which is aimed at power users).
Option 2 is probably the most feasible, but perhaps we should look at
making DENTS compatible with BIND configurations (or include a
conversion tool).

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