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Re: Debian-JP discussions; lets wrap this up

Previously Atsuhito Kohda wrote:
> But please note that in many cases it is very reasonable
> to modify configure etc.

But since configure is a generated file the patch should only modify
configure.in. The same holds for Makefile, which can be generated by
Makefile.in, which itself can be generated by Makefile.am. etc. etc.

> modified to support Japanese, then it needs to 'configure'
> - papersize default(from US letter to A4 for example)

I'm not sure changing the upstream default here makes sense, since no
default will work for everyone anyway. In this particular case one
should use libpaper anyway.

> You say simply 'This makes it unnecessary hard to merge those patches'
> but please note it is essentially hard to properly merge.

I still think that it makes more sense to seperate those patches into
multiple ones though.


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