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Debian-JP discussions; lets wrap this up

Okay, we've been discussing this for a while now and I think it's time
to wrap this one up. All arguments have been made by now and it's been a
very informative discussions for both sides.

We (Debian) are very happy with the hard work that Debian JP has done
and is still doing. However, as we just discussed, the current way that
Debian JP is being integrated with Debian can use some improvements.

What seems to happen a lot right now is that packages are being forked 
and *-jp packages are appearing. This seems to be done for two reasons:
package maintainers not responding timely to bugreports from
JP-maintainers, and people making multibyte patches don't consider their
patch fit for inclusion and maintain it seperately.

Needless to say I disagree with both reasons. Maintainers not responding
in time is a problem and unfortunately there is not much to be done
about that, except reminding them occasionally, and trying to work
directly with the upstream maintainer. On the second reason: it has
long been a motto of the Free Software community to `release fast,
release often'. Holding on to a patch could work counter-productive.
Only if for some reason merging is not an option, only then proceed
with posting an intent-to-package and creating a new package.

This will indeed slow things down a bit, but I feel that the final
result will be a much more integrated system and a lot less tension.

Finally I also have a comment on the patches themselves: it seems that a
lot of the multibyte-patches contain changes that are not related to
multibyte support but do things like add support for DOS and Windows
systems or change generated files (like configure, config.h.in,
Makefile.in, etc.). This makes it unnecessary hard to merge those


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