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TeXDoc does not like gzipped documentation


There is a little (apparently undocumented) script called "texdoc" in
teTeX.  If you give it the name of some documentation in kpathsea's
search path as argument, then it shows you the doc, invoking a
suitable viewer in the background.  I. e., instead of

    xdvi /usr/doc/texmf/latex/base/usrguide.dvi &

you can type

    texdoc usrguide

which is obviously a lot easier.  The catch is that it can't handle
gzipped documentation, and that most of the .dvi documentation in
Debian's teTeX package is gzipped, so that texdoc is quite useless.  I
would file a bug report, but there are probably some people who regard
the gzipped state of Debian's .dvi documentation as a feature (I
don't).  The way to go is to either not to gzip the documentation, or
to modify (or ask Thomas Esser to modify) texdoc so it can handle
gzipped files.

What is you opinion?


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