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Re: TeXDoc does not like gzipped documentation

On Sat, Sep 04, 1999 at 16:57:45 +0100, Stefan Baums wrote:
> Debian's teTeX package is gzipped, so that texdoc is quite useless.  I
> would file a bug report, but there are probably some people who regard
> the gzipped state of Debian's .dvi documentation as a feature (I
> don't). 

I didn't until I discovered mime-support's "see" program which does
transparent uncompression. E.g. "see foo.dvi.bz2".

> The way to go is to either not to gzip the documentation, or to modify (or
> ask Thomas Esser to modify) texdoc so it can handle gzipped files.

The latter. Preferably in upstream tetex.

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