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Re: ITP: Xracer, C++ book

> Filip Van Raemdonck <mechanix@digibel.org> writes:
> > Also, I'd like to package a book on C++ which is available from
> > www.pragsoft.com.
> IMHO this isn't a good thing to package. I see no need for a fancy
> packaging system just to distribute documentation. It would take to
> much space, with to little gain.
> The next thing is to package the Gutenberg Project?

In general think you are wrong. Documentation, and a good handy one, is very important.
I do agree that the question of what docs to put is a difficult one.

BTW: From the www.pragsoft.com pages the particular book that Filip Van Raemdonck <mechanix@digibel.org> mentioned seems to me MS/Win related, which is why I think it wouldn't be much useful for a Debian user. 

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