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-Do you make these mistakes on your computer network?


My name is Ara Rubyan and I was recently on the web looking at 
"computer-tutorial" web sites. The MSN search engine 
gave me a site (I listed it at the very bottom of this note) 
that had your name on it.  So I thought I'd drop you an email.  
Hope that was OK. 

Our web site (http://www.rubyan.com) is a free resource for 
non-technical professional people who need to manage their work 
environment using computer networks.  I know that your site probably 
attracts mostly advanced users.  But please consider placing a link 
from your "Resources" page or your "Links" page to 
http://www.rubyan.com.  We'll do the same for you.

One of our most popular pages is called "Do you make these mistakes
on your computer network?".  Network users of all skill levels 
enjoy this feature because they almost always find out something 
new that they were missing before. 

By linking to our site you'll have a way of supplying less 
experienced people with the pre-requisites they need in order 
to better understand the more advanced services you provide.  
I believe your visitors would appreciate that.   

Visitors to our site will see computer networking explained in 
a direct and easy-to-understand way.  Your visitors will 
appreciate the down-to-earth approach we take. 

Through examples and antecdotes they will see that their network 
is a business tool, not a technological mystery. We focus on 
the business and management issues that their network can 
help solve.    

Please feel free to put a link from your site to ours.  Your 
visitors will appreciate having a resource to help them better 
understand how computer networking works.  

In addition they will see a new slant on the topic -- a step-by-step 
approach to using the network like a tool to help them achieve more 
in the workplace.  

Visit our site.  If you like it, feel free to add a link from your 
site to ours. The site address is http://www.rubyan.com.  I would 
love to hear your comments on it, so please email me back with your 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks again.  

Ara Rubyan

P.S. Your readers will appreciate that your site includes a link to 
ours -- it makes your site more useful to them.  

For your convenience you can browse 
http://rubyan.com/html/graphics.html for GIF files that you can 
use to link your site to ours. 

...or if you like, here is some HTML code to make it simple for 
you to include us on your site.

=============copy and paste this code into your page==============

<p><b><a href="http://www.rubyan.com/html/no-brainer.html";>
Do You Make These Mistakes</a></b>
<br><b><a href="http://www.rubyan.com/html/no-brainer.html";>
On Your Computer Network?</a></b>


P.S. The web page where I found you was called 
and the URL was

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