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Re: recs1440.bin boot fails in SCSI init

On Tue, 7 Sep 1999, Jim Ziegler wrote:

> On Fri, 03 Sep 1999, Tom Kuiper wrote:
> > While booting an AST Premmia LX P/60 from a resc1440.bin or resc1440-safe.bin
> > disk (images from the official 2.1 CD-ROM) the booting hangs during the SCSI
> > initialization.  It gets this far:
> I am having the same problem with an Industrial Computer Source system.

I had problems mailing to <jcz@linux1.com1one.net>, so I'll post this to
the list in hopes that you'll see it.  (BTW, this is all a bit OT for
debian-devel; any further discussion should be on debian-user - sorry for
the cross-post.) 

The problem you are having is a "feature" of the Debian 2.1 boot disks.
The following is from the 2.1 release notes, which can be viewed at
    Rescue Floppy                      
    Users of Adaptec 2940 SCSI cards, and other SCSI controllers with the
    aic7xxx chipset, will probably experience problems with the standard 
    boot-floppies.  A kind user has made some experiments which many users
    find to solve their problems. There are two alternative Rescue        
    Floppies for the i386 architecture at ftp://kalle.csb.ki.se/pub/.
    There are also replacement kernels in that location, which you can
    use to simply replace the existing kernels on the boot-floppies.  

Hope that helps,

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