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Re: how to make Debian less fragile (long and philosophical)

>>"Richard" == Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl> writes:

 Richard> It's a matter of the definitions of both.  If the absence of
 Richard> a package would make an experienced Unix person react with
 Richard> surprise and annoyance, then it must be important.

 Richard> We've found that the absence of statically linked binaries
 Richard> causes experienced Unix persons to react this way (the
 Richard> thread comes up often enough), and our answer is "We don't
 Richard> need to link stuff statically, we have sash".  Therefore,
 Richard> sash should be important to fill this role.

        Ummm. I must say that I am not comletely swayed by this line
 of reasoning -- I have been using unix for a dozern or so year now,
 and I have never seen sash anywhere. The presence of sash is unlikely
 to prevent the surprise at not having static binaries (aside: I wonder
 if digital unix also had statically linked binaries?), since one
 would not be looking for sash as a replacement.

        standard would get sash on most platforms. I would prefer
 stronger reasons to make anything important (priority bloat is to be

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