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Re: how to make Debian less fragile (long and philosophical)

Tuesday, August 17, 1999, 11:13:14 AM, Steve wrote:
> Reboots are bad, downtime is bad, the lack of remote access is bad, on
> production systems. I think this was already addressed multiple times.

    And Debian is used in how many production machines?  In how many desktop

    The point, as I see it, is simple.

    You want static binaries?  Fine, compile them.  There, you're done.  But
in a *VAST* >>>MAJORITY<<< of cases, they are wasteful.  Geez.

> can tell, there's a small disk space cost (about 200K per binary) and no
> memory cost. There was some grumbling about the effort involved, but I
> think that was without a full understanding of what was involved.

    No memory cost?  Care to rethink that again?

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