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Re: WARNING: APT removes bash on slink upgrade

At around Thu, 12 Aug 1999 14:45:23 +0200,
 Thomas Quinot <thomas@debian.org> may have mentioned:

> More generally, it is unfortunate that such intricated dependencies
> exist between bash and libreadline, with bash being a package of
> paramount importance for the operation of the whole system.

yes, very unfortunate :-(

> For now I can reupload bash with the latest change undone. Unfortunately,
> this means that an important problem which renders bash unusable will
> have to stay open.

as a data point, keeping a copy of (a libc6-based) bash around
while doing the upgrade was helpful :-)

i did the following twice in the last two days:

when the unfortunate incident occured, i copied the copy of bash to
/bin/bash, made a link from sh to bash, and continued w/ installation.

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