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Re: WARNING: APT removes bash on slink upgrade

Le 1999-08-12, Jason Gunthorpe écrivait :

> This is due to a recent bash NMU which now pre-depends on the potato
> libreadlineg2 which conflicts with the slink bash.
> Bash -MUST- be re-uploaded with the proper changes made so that it can
> exist with the slink libreadlineg2 ASAP.

This is not so simple. Bash is unusable with slink's libreadline.
Three bugs of severity important existed in the BTS for this
problem, which the recent NMU attempts to fix: #35130, #39280, #41802.

On the other hand, the current libreadline is binary-incompatible
with the slink bash, so the conflicts: cannot be removed; the
major version on libreadline should have been bumped when
libreadline was first compiled against glibc 2.1.

More generally, it is unfortunate that such intricated dependencies
exist between bash and libreadline, with bash being a package of
paramount importance for the operation of the whole system.
Maybe it would be preferrable to link bash statically and get rid
of its dependency on readline. On the other hand, such important
change is far out of the scope of an NMU.

For now I can reupload bash with the latest change undone. Unfortunately,
this means that an important problem which renders bash unusable will
have to stay open.

    Thomas.Quinot@Cuivre.FR.EU.ORG   <URL:http://web.fdn.fr/~tquinot/>

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