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I propose some new packages

First I'd like to tell, that I do not subscribe this mailing-list and I am
not Debian developer. I can read mailing-list-archives via WWW and if you
want, you can reply me, too.

I have sent many letters to wnpp@debian.org proposing many new cool
packages to be added to Debian GNU/Linux. Unfortunately, Antti-Juhani
Kaijanaho told me, that some wnpp-project is dying in the hands of
some guy called "netgod".

To make my voice heard, here is my propositions collected from those
letters and some new propositions, too:

 * * *

Personally I do not use CAD-software, but this is so ueber-cool thing that
I just can't help informing you all about this:

A CAD-software called Varkon is now available under the terms of GNU GPL.
It would be nice to make it available as Debian-pacakge.



 * * *



Yes, we have that xsidplay, but it uses qt-libraries, and therefore it is
not in main-directory. Zsid is under GNU GPL. I would actually use this

 * * *


The Electric VLSI Design System is a complete Electronic Design Automation
(EDA) system that has a long history. Electric can handle many forms of
circuit design. And now it is under the terms of GNU GPL! I don't think,
that I would need this program, but others might be very interested.

 * * *


Simple Directmedia Layer, A LGPL'd libraries for games.

I think that I would actually use this with for example a brand new
Linux-game called "Hopkins FBI".


And some linux-demos already need this library.

(I think I have seen this as Debian-packages, but I am not sure, though)

 * * *

COPS - security tools for unix. Available in many security-related
ftp-sites, for example:


 * * *

When I had Red Hat Linux, I actually used that program called sentry and
liked it. It is even in Red Hat Powertools. I would actually use it myself,
if it was available as a Debian-package.

 * * *

I have used this software myself and I can say, that it really rocks. So
please, release it as a Debian-package.


TkWorld is graphical front-end for many Unix-command.

 * * *

This company called BeOpen has some cool free pieces of software for
programming. And they are GPL'ed.



 * * *


Sentinel is like Tripwire, but it is free software.

 * * *


Nessus is like Satan or Saint, but it is free software and has

 * * *


Saint has been developed from SATAN. It seems, that it is not free software.
But feel free to debate about it in a mailing-list called debian-legal.

 * * *

Here is some other security tools, you might be interested:



 * * *

That's it. I also propose, that new section for packages should be
established. Its name should be "security" and it would include all kind of
security tools, like Nessus, Saint, COPS, Tripwire, sentry, Sentinel etc.

Have fun!

-- Juhapekka "naula" Tolvanen *  U of Jyväskylä * juhtolv@st.jyu.fi --
-- http://www.cc.jyu.fi/~juhtolv/ * * " STRAIGHT BUT NOT NARROW ! " --
" Varför måste vi bo i fucking jävla kuk-Åmål? "

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