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Re: I propose some new packages

On Sun, Aug 08, 1999 at 18:23 +0300, Juhapekka Tolvanen wrote:
> http://www.devolution.com/~slouken/SDL/
> Simple Directmedia Layer, A LGPL'd libraries for games.

This is already packaged as libsdl0 and libsdl-dev:

Package: libsdl0
Status: install ok installed
Priority: optional
Section: libs
Installed-Size: 189
Maintainer: Fredrik Hallenberg <hallon@debian.org>
Source: libsdl
Version: 0.9.13-2
Depends: libaudiofile0, libc6 (>= 2.1), libesd0 (>= 0.2.10-0.19990424.6),
xlib6g (>=
Description: Simple DirectMedia Layer
 Very simply, SDL is a library that allows you portable low level
  access to a video framebuffer, audio output, mouse, and

> I think that I would actually use this with for example a brand new
> Linux-game called "Hopkins FBI".
> http://www.hopkinsfbi.com/
> And some linux-demos already need this library.
> (I think I have seen this as Debian-packages, but I am not sure, though)


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