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How to get a new entry in /etc/services


What is the correct way to add an entry to /etc/services for a protocol
that is missing there (SSL-rsh or ssl-shell on Port 614 is missing in the
stable version of services)?

BTW: I did preliminary debs for SSL-rsh that can be seen at
http://www.gws-online.de/download/ - there is a Packages file there, so
just add it to your sources.list. I am currently looking into the whole
mess to make it better (the deb is currently more a brute-force package, I
just wanted to get it built and didn't look much into making it clean).
That's actually the package I would need the entry in /etc/services for.

Another - SSLrsh-related - question: what would be the best way to package
this beast? It actually consists of two binaries (rsh and rcp versions
with SSL-authorization only) and a library. The SSLrsh and SSLrcp binaries
are DFSG-compliant in their license, only the library is non-free (it is
just allowed to be used with only those two binaries and not for your own
programs). Should I split the packages and put the lib into
non-us/non-free and the two binaries as another package into
non-us/contrib, or should I put everything together into non-us/non-free
(since the library can't be used in other projects than this and so
doesn't make much sense as a standalone package)?

Oh, yes, this could be seen as an ITP for SSLrsh.

bye, Georg

BTW: rsync and cvs work nicely over SSLrsh and that was the main reason
for this package: to get rid of ssh where possible. SSLrsh is non-free
because of this one used lib, but at least the use of the binaries is as
free as one could wish.


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