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Re: Unsupported Debian [was: Re: [New maintainer] Working for De

On Friday 6 August 1999, at 5 h 18, the keyboard of Alex Shnitman 
<alexsh@hectic.net> wrote:

> > BTW: how about a link from www.debian.org to Stephane's list?
> No, please don't do that. 

Once the script is more debugged and the list longer than now, I'll ask even 
more: that this list be on www.debian.org itself.

> This will almost make official and endorsed
> the existence of rogue Debian packages from outside the project.

Please suppress the word 'rogue' which is pure FUD and has nothing to do with 
these packages. It's strange that, when discussing a distribution which prides 
itself as free, any unofficial package is labeled 'rogue'.

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