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Naming of lsh (Was: Re: ITP exscan and penguineyes and RFP srp (New Intents added and old one revoked))

On 99-08-02 Joey Hess wrote:
> Michael Stone wrote:
> > I think there are going to be a lot more people looking for lsh the
> > free ssh than lsh the dos compatability shell.

> Yes, there certianly will be. The problem is that if the current lsh is
> renamed and psst takes its place, then anyone who currently has lsh
> installed and actually uses it will suddently find theri shell vanishes.
> That's not very nice.

After a dicussion with the author we decided to name it lsh-utils and
make a conflict with lsh. He also will discuss on the mailing-list for
lsh if the complete package will be renamed from lsh to lsh-utils
because of the name conflict. I think we will find a good solution and
hopefully change the name from lsh to lsh-utils. So from now the
debian-package of lsh (free ssh) will be found under the name lsh-utils.

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