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libc6 has no sources??


  I'm trying to get a system set up to act as a very simple firewall.  For
reasons that I'd rather not go into :-/ I have to basically store the
entire system on a floppy or two (there are other space considerations as
well here..)  This may turn out to be impossible, but is not too relevant to
Debian (except that the boot-floppies package, which I wanted to look at
as an example, is uninstallable, but that's another gripe..)

  Here's the 'real' problem.  I discovered that the libc that is used by the
slink boot floppy is a little over half the size of the system libc.  Assuming
that glibc2.1 didn't have that much bloat over glibc2.0, I decided that the
boot-floppies version must have custom compilation options to reduce the size.
So I decided to get the libc source myself and see if there was anything obvious
I could do.  My first try was:

bluegreen:~/tinytim> apt-get source libc6
Reading Package Lists... Done
Building Dependency Tree... Done
E: Unable to find a source package for glibc
Exit 100

  at which point I thought, "eh?"  I then went to packages.debian.org/libc6
and noticed that it reported 'no sources found'.  Directly accessing the archive
via ftp confirms that, in fact, there are no libc sources available in
dists/unstable/main/source/base.  However, there *is* a source package available
in dists/unstable/main/source/libs!  Whose bug is this?  libc6? ftp.debian.org?
Someone else? :)


  Fate always wins...at least, when people stick to the rules.

             -- Terry Pratchett, _Interesting Times_

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