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Re: host-inspecific configuration files

Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> writes:

   In the gEDA packages I've put the configuration files in /etc.
   Some folks on the geda mailing list say this is wrong; the FHS says that
   host-specific configuration files belong in /etc; it doesn't say that all
   configuration files belong in /etc, which seems to be how we're using it.
   The geda configuration files would by default go into /usr/share/gEDA.

The FHS may not say that all configuration files belong in /etc, but
Debian policy does, as shown in the excerpt below.  If you want to
change this policy then maybe you should make a formal proposal on

4.7. Configuration files

     Any configuration files created or used by your package should
     reside in `/etc'. If there are several you should consider
     creating a subdirectory named after your package.

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