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New p3nfs package

G'day everyone.

Not being an official maintainer yet, but having been given the okay
from the maintainer listed on the WNPP page (David Frey), and the
active maintainer (Steve Haslam), I've made a new package of p3nfs. It
(should) conform to Debian policy 3.0.0...

I ended up choosing to make the default mount point /var/lib/psion,
for lack of a better place. I emailed Daniel Quinlan (FHS editor) to
ask the FHS view of mount points, but I haven't received a reply as of

Lintian complains that I'm using a newer standards version, but
otherwise the package passes.

Anybody who's interested can grab it from
http://crash.ihug.co.nz/~kinetik/debian/ and try it out. If someone
wants to upload this in the meantime (until my maintainer application
is processed), feel free to do so... All the files required for that
are available at the above location.


Matthew Gregan                                  kinetik@ihug.co.nz

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