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Re: Possible ITP: Rescue Package

Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> wrote:

>There are really two circumstances here:
>2. Under a hard crash, where a driver corrupts the libc6 file itself,
>and dies, locking up the kernel; you have to reboot, and init will
>not work.  (you probably also need to be at the machine to do this,
>as remote isn't likely to work at this point in the game)

I have taken another step to try to deal with this situation: I have
made a copy of my root partition in another partition.  I can access
it either with the rescue disk or a special entry in lilo.conf.  It
gives me all the standard tools in /bin, with their libraries in /lib,
together with configuration files in /etc that I can use for
reference.  (Hmm.  I see it does not give me a real vi, though - only
the vi mode of ae.)  I just have to remember to use the --root switch
on dpkg.

	  - Jim Van Zandt

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