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Re: where to place manpages for X clients

On Mon, Jul 26, 1999 at 12:10:13PM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hello,
> I hope for a quick and simple answer and don't want to start
> a flamewar if programs should go into the X11R6 tree or not.
> The background for my question is that I want to move the
> XTeddy docs and manpages to /usr/share.  I used to put the
> XTeddy manpages under /usr/X11R6/man/man1.  Now I wonder if they
> should go to
According to a conversation I had with the FHS people... I was asking them
this very question.

>     [ ] /usr/X11R6/man/man1
		If the program is in the X11R6 tree (notice the lack of share)

>     [ ] /usr/share/man/man1
		If the program is not int the X11R6 tree.

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