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Re: ITP: cthugha

"Chris Karr" <br284@hotmail.com> writes:

> I am wondering one thing about this. It it a big fiasco if I were to take 
> the cthugha package and split it into three packages? The rationale being 
> that there are three binaries that come with a default cthugha package: an 
> SVGA, an X11, and a GL version. I was reading through the new maintainers 
> documentation (this will be my first package) and it suggested starting out 
> with single binary packages.

I don't think a multi-binary package like this is too bad, especially
with the help of debhelper.  What *is* more difficult is a library
package with corresponding -dev and -bin packages.

If you think it would work better, give it a try.

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