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Re: too much for an NMU?

On Sat, 24 July 1999 12:21:15 +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> No ! Dermot Bradley the maintainer seems dead.

Just about yesterday he answered me because of the mrtg package
and I was surprised you NMU'ed it since I sent him a diff because
I did not really want to NMU it.

He is most certainly alive and kicking and will package the GD
stuff RSN he told me.

> Look at mrtg (Dermot is also the maintainer), I
> used a new upstream version as well ...

No... mrtg is even out of date again since 2.8.4 is out already.
mrtg has had a stable 2.7.5 and it worked fine. About half a week
ago they started to throw out releases like *** again.


"Programming is like sex - if you make a mistake, you have to support
it for the rest of your life."
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