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Re: usr/share/doc and dhelp

Am 22.07.99 schrieb ujr # pbtrs2.phy.tu-dresden.de ...

Moin Ulf!

UJR>  Some packages already did move their doc directory. If they had dhelp
UJR>  or doc-base support there's a .dhelp file in the old /usr/doc/<package>
UJR>  and its subdirectories. Obviously this is not removed when dpkg removes

This is wrong, if you use dhelp directly. As the .dhelp is a static file  
created during the build of the package, dpkg will remove it.

UJR>  1) What to do with package's leftover? I guess filing a bugreport should
UJR>     be appropriate.

Yeah, against your own package :)? Maybe you have forgotten to tell doc- 
base (if you use doc-base) in prerm to "check out" your package? The  
problem with doc-base is that it creates the .dhelp file dynamically  
during the installation process of a package.

cu, Marco

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