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usr/share/doc and dhelp


 I've got a little technical question regarding the transition from
 /usr/doc to /usr/share/doc (although the process is still under discussion).

 Some packages already did move their doc directory. If they had dhelp
 or doc-base support there's a .dhelp file in the old /usr/doc/<package>
 and its subdirectories. Obviously this is not removed when dpkg removes
 the directory contents, hence this nearly empty directory remains in
 /usr/doc. This is ugly, a waste of hd space and may cause a couple of
 problems if we agree on a practical way for the transition.

 1) What to do with package's leftover? I guess filing a bugreport should
    be appropriate.

 2) How to solve the problem?
     rm -rf /usr/doc/<package> in postrm? or
     find /usr/doc/<package> -name .dhelp -exec rm {} \; in prerm?
    The second variant relies on the fact that no .dhelp will be installed
    between rm'ing and package removal.



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