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The same set of /usr/doc/ files for two packages?

I'm working on two packages (grip and gcd) which are built from the
same source, and naturally, share the same set of doc files. I would
not like to duplicate them (not that they are that large, it just does 
not sound right to me). I could make /usr/doc/gcd a symbolic link to
/usr/doc/grip, but then gcd would have to depend on grip, which it
does not at the moment. I'm not sure what should I do.. Any ideas?

It would be nice to be able to declare a file belonging to two
packages: if either of them is installed (or both) - the file 
would be there. Only if both of those packages are removed, the file
would be removed. Of course, if you install both packages, there
should not be any warnings. Dreams, dreams..


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